20 December 2016

Trail Tuesday

It's been awhile! A couple weeks ago I found a new trail down in Douglas County. It's about half an hour drive, like the Jefco ones I frequent. I get about 9 miles out of it. Very nice. Two weeks ago when I went, there was only a skiff of snow in some areas but it was super chilly. The temperature was in the 20s, but the winds were as well. I wore my new soft shell pants and they worked amazingly. I'm happy with that purchase (using money I gained by selling old things on eBay.)

I was unable to run last Tuesday, as I was a day into the weeklong cold that everyone I know has been getting. It wasn't a bad illness, just some sore throat and sinus stuff ending in a cough.

Today I returned to the new trail. There was still several inches of snow on it from the storm a few days back. However, the temperature was in the 50s. And it was HOT. I actually took off my long sleeve shirt and wore only a tank top. The snow was pretty slushy in places and I can feel the effects of it in my hips from stabilizing. It was a very satisfying run.

I have about 18 miles more to run this year to meet my 2016 running goal. I think I can do it in two good runs next week.
The Front Range from Ridgeline Open Space. 

My confusion at the temperature. 

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Abby said...

I'm a bit jealous. I've been nursing a case of plantar fasciitis that came about in September during troubles with my balance. So I've been off the running, but after seeing your "foster" friend, I'm grateful it's nothing worse for me. Enjoy those 18 miles!