21 June 2016

Trail Tuesday

A member of one of the facebook running groups I'm part of posted about the Beaver Brook trail from Windy Saddle Park. It is close by, just outside of Golden, and I didn't know why I'd never heard of it before. Turns out, we've hiked a bit of the trail from the Genesee side.

cactus blossom
I woke up late, but decided to go anyway. It was beautiful. And not too intense. One notable steep hill that was misery coming back up as it was toward the end of my run. The rest was just amazing. It did get way too hot for the second half of the run, but I had plenty of water and adequate shade as well as a couple of creek crossings to cool me off.

so many wildflowers
I will definitely be going back. I got 11 miles, but I didn't go all the way to the other trailhead, so there is more to conquer.

Clear Creek overlook. 

some exposure. Great trail!

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