16 February 2016


I've been rather down lately. I don't know why really. The weather has been lovely (though I have no problem with snow and cold either) the days are getting longer, I can very nearly see light when I wake up. Soon I'll run the mornings again. I've really been lacking the runs. I don't know why. It's still something I really enjoy when I actually do it, but the motivation seems to have deserted me. I was trying to train for a half marathon in May, but I definitely haven't been keeping up on the program. Perhaps I still can if I work at it.

Except. I get surgery at the begining of March. Which is super exciting and I'm glad it's finally going to happen and hopefully be over. I could have had this second surgery as early as last August, but I kept pushing it back. Saving money. Saving up time off. Extending the hiking/camping season. Then there was some fighting with my insurance which I ended up giving up on. So anyway, almost a year after the first surgery, I'll get the finishing touches and perhaps end up with a chest with which I can truly be happy.

I went the dentist today. I've had some tooth pain for a couple of months that really got bad lately. Welp, I waited too long and am in need of a root canal. Good thing I signed up for dental insurance at work for this year. Still wasn't expecting to have to drop that much money in a short period of time.

I really need/want a new laptop. This one is going on 8 years old. It's slow and has very little storage capacity. But that will just have to wait.

Before I knew about my dental problems, I bought more running shoes. They should arrive later this week. So at least I have something to look forward to.

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Abby said...

Don't know what's got you down, but I hope it lifts soon. With the longer days should come more opportunities for morning runs. Seems like you had worked up some pretty good mileage, so being ready for a half marathon in May isn't too much to ask.
Root canal, boo! New shooz, yay!