24 March 2015

Trail Tuesday

I did a really nice run/hike today as a sort of last hurrah before surgery. I’m sure I’ll do a hike this weekend, but I wanted a nice long run also. It was a new park- White Ranch Open Space Park-  that I recently discovered and it has many diverging trails to choose from. It’s rather steep most of the time, so I didn’t really run up it, mostly just fast hiked. And then I ran all the gradual bits and the flat bits and downhill. I saw maybe half a dozen people the whole time.
obligatory trail selfie...

It was a blast. I cannot wait until I’m healed up enough to go back and explore more.

1 comment:

Abby said...

Thanks for the tip! I've never been there and just added it to the list of places to go SOON. Looks amazing, and it's relatively close!

Hope all goes well with the surgery. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!