16 March 2015

RMNP fun

I need to post about my adventures more. I always upload the photos to facebook, but I never get to really talk about them. So-

On Saturday we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park. We headed up to Mills Lake, which we did earlier this winter, but went well beyond it, following some ski tracks along the creek. There was a good three foot base of snow, but luckily the trail was (mostly) packed down enough that I didn't need snowshoes. However, by the time we were heading back, the temperatures had risen so much that we were in shirt sleeves and the snow was getting slushy and sticky. It was sort of gross. But it was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky until early afternoon. I got a sunburn on my neck from the snow reflecting. We even got to glissade down a section. It was a really great day.

up the ski track

a fun glissade

Mills Lake

Mills panorama

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