30 April 2014


I've recently taken up running. And I'm surprised to find I rather enjoy it.

I run on my lunches, which is not so unusual, I've done it in seasons past. But not to this extent. As a new smartphone owner, I've downloaded a tracking app. So now I can race myself.

One reason I've disliked running is the overabundance of pavement in my life. I much prefer softer earth (mostly because I run in minimal shoes). My work happens to be very near a popular bike trail. I used to just run on that concrete trail, but recently I realized that there is a dirt path that follows the paved one and makes some very nice detours through the trees and bushes on the creek bank. It's really very nice.

So with the finding of a nice place to run as well as an app that tracks my time and pace, I have thrown myself into running. My lunches are only 30 minutes so I generally only get somewhere between 2.5 and 3 miles. My fastest pace to date (today!) was 10:09 minutes per mile. Exciting.

On an exercise related note, I banged my shins really hard training parkour the other day. Why are there so many nerves there? Ouch.


Abby said...

Uh oh, watch it or you might become addicted! (from one who knows). Those apps are good for pushing us a bit farther/faster.

So... what you wearing? (running shoes I mean)

Larz said...

My current work shoes are also the ones I wear for these jaunts. They're Merrell Trail Gloves. I found them really cheap on ebay and gave them a try. At first I didn't like them much, as they're much tighter than I prefer my shoes. But I've gotten used to them and they work for what I need them for.