01 March 2013

I haven't written in ages. It's because I haven't had much to write about.

Well, I still don't. But I'm not dead.

I've been working and reading and dealing with personal life stuff.

Reading The Cloud Atlas currently. So far, great. I really liked the film. I wish I'd known there was a book before I watched it.

I've been in a buying mood lately. Generally, I'm pretty careful with money. I'm able to save and all that. But I want things sometimes. And so I buy them. Like a rider style hoodie (that ended up being too small so now I need to sell it and buy a larger one), a parkour shirt, a Sigur Ros DVD, etc. I am not ashamed.

Besides, I'm still saving up. Someday I'll be able to travel a bit. And get surgery to remove these unwanted sacs of-- anyhow, yeah.

1 comment:

Abby said...

As long as no buyer's remorse, it's all good!
Lately, I've been getting my books from the "staff picks" shelf at the library. Some hits, some misses. Reading one now called "Funeral for a Dog" that is a hit so far. I should add "Cloud Atlas" to my to-read list.
Glad you're not dead.