12 February 2013

Today I have some anger. And some sadness. But mostly I just feel let down and frustrated. Potluck at work. I am a dumbass and neglected to bring anything. I was still allowed to partake though. I was one of the first people to sit down with a plate, and when everyone else sat down, I was about fifteen feet away from them. My entire department seemed to have shunned me for no reason. Well, perhaps not no reason. I realize that I am not very approachable. I'm an introvert, I don't make first contact. I try not to snub people, but often people take my silence for dislike. Consequently, no one talks to me, and I am usually alone. I rarely get invited to after work gatherings, which happen fairly regularly. Perhaps I have been invited in the past and never went? Regardless, it's just another reason I want out. I want to start fresh with new people and try not to be the outcast.

This has been a middle school flashback self-pity post.

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Abby said...

Well, that bums me out a bit. Potluckers should be more friendly.