26 July 2016

a variety of things

Well, it's been some time. I've got some photos to unload.

Summit Lake up Mt. Evans road
 On the 4th of July, we took a drive up Mt. Evans and spent some time away from town.
wildflowers near Summit Lake
 In memoriam of a friend who loved horses, we went riding in Estes Park.
riding in Estes 
RMNP hike after riding. 
 Then hiking after.
last week's trail run, Centennial Cone Park
 Last week's trail Tuesday. It was a brutal run. Though I'm pretty comfortable doing 15+ miles now.
farmer's market I helped with on Sunday
 My friend works at a local farm and I helped her out at the marked on Sunday. I got a lot of really pretty veggies. So far I've made moussaka with fresh onion, eggplant and oregano (or was it basil? I'm hopeless.). I've frozen a couple of pounds of wax beans. Eaten some tomatoes and peppers. I still have all sorts of summer squash, cucumbers including a lemon cucumber, radishes, beets, rainbow carrots, kale cabbage, garlic and um... other stuff. Oh! And I got some honey. Super local and very tasty. I think that was well worth getting up early and spending a few hours in the sun.

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