30 June 2015

14er Season!

It has begun. Since we had a wet spring, the snow was pretty piled up in the mountains, but it's finally starting to allow access to the peaks.

On Saturday we climbed Pike's Peak, standard route. It's 13 miles to the top. It was rough, but we did it. Longest 14er hiked yet.

We ended up catching a (not so cheap)  ride down.

For a more thorough trip report click here.


Abby said...

Hey, looks familiar! We were planning to hike Pikes Peak back in May, but it was too snow covered. Still on my to-do list. Weren't there PP Hill Climb things going on?

Abby said...

I came back here to reread your post now that I finally got around to hiking the peak. Then clicked the link for Liam's take. I got a kick out of his report from the summit. I'm sure he was miserably sick, but I was similarly disappointed with the Walmart-on-black-Friday feel up there.