10 January 2015

I have been trying desperately to write more. But I've been doing it on paper, so this blog seems a bit neglected. This year I set goals (resolutions?) to write more, read more and run more. So far I've been doing well with all of them.

Running has been especially good lately. I have learned to really enjoy running in the cold weather. The only thing that's hurt me is the long run I did (8.5 miles) was mostly on concrete and my foot hurt a bit afterwords. I need to do at least my long runs on trails. So my next goal is to find some good trails nearby. I moved further from the foothills, so it takes heaps longer to get to some of my favorite ones. I need to find some on this side of town.

I want to register for some races. Probably had better start with a 5k. I can manage that on pavement. I should probably volunteer at one to get the feel as well. My ultimate goal is to be able to do a Spartan Sprint this year. I was sorely tempted last year, but I couldn't justify the cost. Someone mentioned that I could likely get a waived fee if I volunteered for the morning race and ran in the afternoon. So that's a possibility. Then I can combine my two favorite activities - parkour and running.

All of this depends on if/when I get surgery and how long recovery takes. I need to train smart and I don't want to mess up my scars.

This year is going to be great.

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Abby said...

Wonderful goals/resolutions! The three Rs ("writing" counts). I, for one, definitely prefer running in cold weather as opposed to hot. Can't wait to hear your race report from your first 5k - knocking out two goals at once!