19 February 2014

How we almost moved

House hunting is extremely stressful. I wasn't stressed when I put in my 30 days notice. I wasn't stressed when I learned that there weren't many places available in my budget. I wasn't stressed until yesterday when we'd been rejected from one, hadn't heard back from about a dozen and only had a week to pack and move somewhere. The main issue has been Zorro. Which is terribly unfortunate. Apparently even such a dog-friendly city as Denver has weight and/or breed restrictions. There were some places willing to negotiate about him, but it was very hard to find those places. And it's dumb, because he's a lump. He hikes with us, but he'd really prefer to sleep all day. He actually goes into his crate to sleep even when we're home and the door is open. Quite simply, he's lazy. He's easy. Never loud. Never dangerous. Never messy. Just sleeps and eats and sheds and wants to please.

Anyhow, we decided to stay where we are, even lacking a yard, because it's more simple than wading through the ads. And they like us here. And the animals.

I just want to rearrange some furniture to make it seem like we've moved.

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