30 September 2013

out to dry

So I've picked up a new hobby to go along with my continued desire to eat well. I got a food dehydrator. My mom used one of these for fruit when I was growing up and I decided I could do the same. I found one for half off (only $30!) The timing coincided with King Soopers having a sale on raspberries, so I tried my hand at drying a bunch. They didn't turn out perfectly, but they're preserved and they don't taste horrible, so it worked out. They're just very similar to cheese puffs in consistency. I also dried a bunch of bananas which was always a favorite from my childhood. My next venture is to try my hand at making jerky. Just need to find some good meat.
hooray for new projects.
raspberries set out to dry

finished bananas

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Abby said...

OH, we had one of these for a while. Maybe we still do! It was more my husband's thing. Either way, they are handy little devices. And $30?! That's a deal. Enjoy!