23 May 2013

Self-pity is an easy thing. I struggle not to feel sorry for myself nearly every day. Because there really is  no reason. I've got it good.

I think it's the lack of change that wears on me. The idea that this is the norm. 40 hours a week. Come home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Drive the same roads. Buy gas. Buy groceries. Watch Netflix. Spend hours on tumblr.

The only saving grace is getting out to hike on the one weekend day Liam and I share.

It's getting hot out, so soon it'll be even worse.

Nothing like binding and layering while drenched in sweat...

This is the life I choose. I must choose to change it, if change is what I need.

(my new mantra.)

Being stagnant is easy. Self-pity is easy. Apathy is easy.

I tend to like easy. And hate myself.

I must change my normal.

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