13 June 2012

I was just informed that my kilt is rare and no one is allowed to weave that tartan anymore. Cool. Except I found this out as I was trying to purchase a sash to match it. So it makes me sad. The gentleman on the phone (very Scottish) gave me many options about finding a company who could weave it. They will likely be very expensive, as they were all actually in Scotland. I must now do some research. I don't intend to spend more than fifty or sixty dollars on this endeavor, so I'm expecting this search to come up fruitless.

It's call the pride of Scotland.


Abby said...

That's interesting. No one is "allowed"? What does that mean? I honestly wouldn't know one tartan weave from another. Nice looking kilt, though.

Larz said...

I guess it's got a sort of copyright or something. Whoever came up with the particular pattern decided not to keep sharing it. Which is strange, because according to Scottish Ralph every time a weaver uses a custom pattern, people get royalties for it. *Shrug* Ah well.