18 May 2010

The Fox

The fox signifies a variety of things in folklore and mythology. Generally, the fox is cunning, clever, deceitful, resourceful, mischievous, and of course sly.

In Asian mythology, the fox exemplifies transformation. The Japanese kitsune, the Korean kumiho, and the Chinese huli jing are fox spirits that routinely transform into human form. In Mesopotamian mythologies, the fox is a messenger of a goddess. The Moche people of Peru insisted that the fox would fight only with his mind and not using physical attacks. Foxes are not generally portrayed as evil, but not really good either. They are aloof and often solitary.

In present-day culture, foxes still are synonymous with trickery and cunning and also sexiness.

Foxes feature in many films and books. Disney’s Robin Hood is a fox, fitting the character aptly. The fox in The Little Prince helps the prince learn the value of friendship. Zorro fights incognito for the freedom of his people, tricking the authorities. The Fantastic Mr. Fox proves that it is in a fox’s nature to thieve and adventure. He also shows loyalty to his family and friends. The fox in the movie The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is the messenger and something of a double agent. He shows his loyalty and humor.

The fox is my alter-ego. I have been fascinated by foxes from a very early age. I began collecting fox figures when I was about eleven, beginning with a small pewter fox I named Seth the Scottish Fox. My first (and current) email address has ‘fox’ in it. My screen name is Rusco, the Elvish word for fox. (There is also a slight tie-in to Agent Fox Mulder from The X-Files.)

Growing up on a farm, I learned great respect for foxes. Not only were they very resourceful and cunning, but also ruthless. They would figure out ways to get into the bird coops to eat the chickens or turkeys. No matter how well the wire was stapled or how deeply it was buried, the foxes would get in. And once they got in, they would not just kill a bird and take it away. They would kill every bird, leaving the coop decimated. I know I should have been mad at the foxes for killing our future food, but I could only admire them.

Many people do not understand that I am similar to a fox. Firstly, the transformation bit. Perhaps not in the same sense as the myths, but I am undergoing radical transformation from a false presentation to my true form.

I am manipulative in the way that makes people respond positively. I used to abuse this ability, but have become aware of it and I now censor it. I am an introvert, observing interactions in relative silence. I tend to be a mediator and never a leader. I have a rather biting sense of humor. I like to think that I’m resourceful and creative. Oh, and I’m foxy (and narcissistic.)


Nai Dae said...

That's an awesome tattoo, love the Celtic touch. Did you draw the template or have the tattooist do one of thier art peices?

Abby said...

Beautiful tattoo. And I love the background info. We have a lot of foxes around our neighborhood. They are intelligent and resourceful animals. Introspective and observant too, it seems.