22 January 2008

The Problem of Evil: God's Justice in the World

I have had doubts that God is all together good. I have been to one of the largest slums in the world. I have seen the suffering in the eyes of children and adults alike. Evil is allowed rampant in the world.

I have wondered "why is God doing nothing?" when children suffer, when tribes war, when bombs drop.

Recently I have come to the realization that, as a Christian, I am part of God's body. The church is the extension of God on this earth. It is not that God cannot act, or will not act, it is that his people will not care enough to act.

So the question becomes "why are we doing nothing?" and even "why am I doing nothing?"

We sit in our luxury, theorizing about God, justice, love; complaining about everything from the temperature of the t-bone to the corruption of the government of any given nation. We sit, we think, we complain when it is our responsibility to carry out God's promise to everyone.

I hope to continue in this vein at a later date. So, more to come, hopefully.


Eskimo said...

Thank you dear one. I heard something similar to your thoughts. It went something like this ... Two guys were talking about a question they wanted to ask God, and one of them said he wanted to ask God why there was so much pain and suffering in the world. The other guy said he'd be too afraid to ask that question and when asked why he was he said something like, "I'm afraid that God will ask me the same question." ...well the story went similar to that, I think I read it in the Ragamuffin Gospel or something. I like your writing.

Lucas said...

Hmm . . . I know an Eskimo I wonder if it is the same one.

This is good. Just keep in mind that everything needs to be birthed out of prayer function in/through prayer. We can do all the social justice we want and it will be good--but it will only be a good thing. But when we are functioning out of the state of prayer and we are waiting upon the father then those actions of social justice stop being just good things. They become not only become more effective but through prayer we are able to co-labor with Christ--essentially allowing him to labor for us. So instead of our work being an thing of striving through flesh to solve an incredible problem, we are resting in Him, walking/working along side of him through the HS, and letting him work miracles through us (ie feeding the 5000 (or 3 billion which ever). Sorry that was long winded, but prayer is soo so so critical.