23 September 2007


I went to a special service the other night. A U2charist. Clever. It was pretty cool. The band had surely practiced very much. And the service was centered around awareness and charity. Which is nice. However, one of my friends mentioned something that made me think. Surely we are called to help the poor. However, we are called to poverty ourselves. We are called to give up all we have for others. But we don't. We make ourselves feel good by donating money, used clothing, cans of food. But it doesn't affect us at all. We are aloof.

I've been there and I'm still aloof. I still sit here at school and buzz around eBay. I frequently purchase movies and music. In fact, since being around extreme poverty I seem more willing to spend money needlessly. I am not poor. No semblance there.

We seem to think that the world is ours, that it should be perfectly tailored to suit our every need. I should be healthy, happy, comfortable, fed and surely drunk also! But where did I get the notion that my life should be comfortable? There is no indication that it should be. Life doesn't go my way and it is not my place to even desire it to be so. The Bible is filled with tales and assurances that life is hard, especially that of a Christian, if I dare to call myself one.

When will I begin to live what I know to be true?

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